Story Starters A2+

A simple and original tool for creating great stories in the ESL classroom. This resource works both your students’ writing skills and various ESL objectives.


This resource is free with a Total Teacher Access.


This resource consists of 10 separate story starters your students will use to create their masterpieces. 

The purpose of this resource is to guide your students in the creation of oral or written stories.

Each STORY STARTER contains, in a box at the top, the starting point of the story: information about the main character, the initial situation along with when and where it begins, and the time the story must end. In each story, the main character(s) faces a challenge. Students tell a story to lead the main character(s) to a happy ending.

Underneath each beginning there are boxes with:

  • events;
  • images;
  • dialogue.

Students will draw on these to complete their stories. We also offer some grammatical constraints to create challenges or focus on specific grammar points.

  • Circumstance cards add a narrative element to the story;
  • Grammatical constraint cards impose, you guessed it, a grammatical element such as the use of the imperative, giving advice, conditionals, a different tense, etc…).



Target Language

Thanks to this resource, students can practice such useful ESL subjects such as vocabulary of everyday life, hours, different tenses, logic connectors and expressions of time. 



Use with A2+ and up! Have higher expectations for your more advanced students.



  • 14-page PDF with instructions for all the variations of the activity and printable elements (the story starters, circumstances, grammatical constraints and a useful “How to organize a story” cheat sheet.
  • A VIRTUAL VERSION folder which groups together all the elements in JPG or PNG format so that you can use them in a variety of different ways including playing the game during your online lessons via screen-share or on a virtual whiteboard, using a projector or interactive whiteboard in your classroom, using your computer screen to display the game cards to your class, or making a limited selection of cards to print in order to limit printing and cutting.


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