Odd One Out School and Education Vocab Activity

Review school vocabulary with your pre-intermediate students with a fun online friendly school vocabulary activity! Play as a class, in pairs, or in small groups and take the activity further with some bonus instructions.


Share the PDF or print a copy for your students. Each card contains 5 words or phrases. One of them doesn’t fit the rest.

Students must find the odd one out and explain why. Simple! Your students may surprise you with their answers, though, so be open to interpretation!

For example: professor, librarian, teacher, coach, pupil

Professor doesn’t fit because they work in universities.

Pupil doesn’t fit because the others are adults who work at a school.

Coach doesn’t fit because they take care of sports, not education.


Play as a group or let your students try to find all 9 answers individually. Then, check the answers as a class. Give a point for each correct answer (the odd one out and the explanation).

Here is a list of possible answers for you, just in case:

1:  Grade – the others are levels (of competence);

2:  Classroom – the others are objects you would find in a classroom;

3:  Instruction – the others are school subjects;

4:  Pupil – the others work at a school; (other answers possible)

5: Teach – the others are verbs related to students;

6:  Backpack – the others are things you would find inside a backpack; (other answers possible)

7:  Diploma – the others are stages of education;

8:  homework – the others are collocations of “take”; (other answers possible)

9:  Slow – the others are positive adjectives;


Ideas to take it further:

  1. Set a time limit!
  2. Have students add elements to each box after the mystery has been solved.
  3. Students make their own odd one out boxes and challenge the class.


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Ian Kime

Ian Kime

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