Present Simple Present Continuous Time Expressions – Board Game

Here is an handy little Present Simple Present Continuous Time Expressions Board Game to practice the difference.


This activity can be used in your online or offline classroom.

  1. Print or display the board so that everyone can see. Students play as a class or in small groups (each group would get their own game board).
  2. Everyone starts with their game piece at the starting point. Roll a die to advance that number of spaces.
  3. Students must first decide whether this time expression is used with present simple or present continuous*. If they are incorrect they must go back to where they started from.
  4. If they are correct, they must then make a grammatically correct phrase using the time expression. If they make no mistakes, their game piece stays where it is. If they make a mistake, they go back two spaces.
  5. The first to reach the end wins.

* The adverb “still” could technically be used in both circumstances.

This activity is for practicing the following three basic uses of present continuous and present simple:

  • Present simple: describe habits and routines
  • Present continuous: describe what’s happening right now or around this time
  • Present continuous: describe arrangements for the future


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Ian Kime

Ian Kime

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