Present Perfect Writing Activity: Who wins the idiot award?

Use this game to get your students talking and have them practice the present perfect tense without even realizing it!

How to use this activity?

Students can work individually or in groups. The goal of the game is to choose which of the 4 celebrities will win the idiot award. The idiot award is awarded to the person who has done the stupidest things in their lifetime.

Students choose their celebrity and 4 events from the list. They then use these events to inspire their celebrity's achievement of idiocy by using the present perfect to describe them. Give your students some time to write their responses and then present them to the class. The biggest idiot wins.


For example:

  • I think Prad Bitt should win the idiot award because in his lifetime he has designed Formula 1 race cars with no wheels and made a website with only his name on it.

  • Well, I think Britney Zbears should win because in her lifetime she has bought a dance club in a deserted town in Texas with a population of 200 and written a self-help book for plants.



Practicing perfect tenses in ESL is no easy feat. To put it bluntly, it can quickly get boring and repetitive! Fortunately, games are always a good way to break the routine. Add this one to your lesson plan as a warm-up, a time-killer, or an end-of-lesson activity to get your students talking and have them practice the present perfect tense without even realizing it.

Oh and just like our other Jukeboxes, it can be used online and offline for groups or one-on-one lessons!

Have fun!


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Nicolas Bragard

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