Grammino: Present Perfect Questions with Irregular Verbs

Follow the path of the dominoes asking present perfect questions with irregular verbs Use as many verbs as possible!

It’s day five of our 15 days of irregular verb activities and we’ve got a present perfect questions with irregular verbs activity ready to download. It’s based on our Grammino Premium resources. Choose from three boards and let your students go go go. We’ve done our best to push students to use their irregular verb knowledge for each and every “Have you ever…?” question by carefully choosing images associated with the use of irregular verbs.
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How it works

Choose one of the boards to play with. Display the PDF, or send the file to your students. Put students in pairs and give them a time limit (5-10 minutes). Students will take turns asking each other “Have you ever…?” questions to one another, following the path of the dominoes. As they ask their questions, they will make a list of verbs they have used. When they finish their first round of the dominoes, they continue along the path while trying to use a different verbs not already on their list. The images should nudge students to create present perfect questions with irregular verbs, but if they use regular verbs, that’s okay, too.

For example:

A pair passes by the octopus image 3 times:

Question #1: Have you ever eaten an octopus?

Question #2: Have you ever caught an octopus while fishing?

Question #3: Have you ever stepped on an octopus while walking on the beach?

Once time is up, the pair with the highest number of unique verbs on their list is considered the winner. Put students in different pairs and switch the board.


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Ian Kime

Ian Kime

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