Practice Your Pronouns: Christmas Edition

3 activities in 1. Have your students come up with as many combinations of antecedents as possible, unscramble sentences to make them grammatically correct or create their own object pronoun riddle.

Here is another Christmas activity for your ESL class (you can see all our Christmas activities). This activity is a nice mix between grammar and game and it’s a small adaptation of a much bigger ressource you can find at the shop called the pronoun game. If you’re interested in more games and more themes, make sure you click on => ESL games.

Merry Christmas !


I am not… a gift person.
But, I’m not a grinch! I swear!

I’ll invite you over, cook a great meal,
share my best bottles of wine with the veal.

I’ll make you laugh and sing and cry.
Just don’t expect anything at unwrapping time…

And what about presents for me?
Socks, please.

My poor wife, you say? My poor wife, indeed.
Not much underneath our little Christmas tree.

But I’ll break my tradition just this year
to make stocking stuffers to spread ESL cheer.

Enjoy this one for all who need
a good dose of practice with object pronoun…ies

How to use it

Share your screen and select a card.

  • For the speech bubbles: Set a time limit (1-2 minutes depending on your group) and let them come up with as many combinations of antecedents as possible. Students get one point for any pair they don’t share with another student (i.e. an original pairing).
  • For the X’s: Students must unscramble the sentence to make it grammatically correct. Each student who can correctly unscramble the sentence within the time limit earns two points.
  • For the thumbs up: Students have one minute to create their own object pronoun riddle which includes the antecedent presented on the card.


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Ian Kime

Ian Kime

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