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Odd One Out A2

A simple and useful game to review vocabulary and grammar by looking for the odd word out of the bunch.


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The odd one out is an A2 vocabulary game used to review and organize vocabulary and grammar taught at the A2 level.
The principle is simple: There are 5 words or phrases on each game card.
One of these words or phrases does not fit.
Students identify the odd one out and explain why.

Check out the A1 version by clicking here.


Target Language

The grammar and thematic categories are intentionally varied in order to offer your students a new challenge with each game card. This variety of challenges gives your students the opportunity to utilize the full breadth of their English language knowledge.

Finally, the odd one out game practices your students’ argumentative and reasoning skills. There are several game cards that have multiple correct responses, and your students may surprise you with their responses!



  • For use with your A2 students, we recommend sorting out the vocabulary or grammar they have not yet learned before playing.
  • Use all the cards freely with B1 students.

It’s easy to set up a stimulating warm-up or finishing activity for students. The resource comes with blank game cards for a special variant contained within, or for you to add categories specific to the current focus in your classroom.



  • A 13-page PDF with instructions for all the A2 vocabulary game variants and printable elements (game cards, category cards, a target and the answer key);
  • A VIRTUAL VERSION folder which groups together all the game cards in JPG or PNG format so that you can use them in a variety of different ways including: playing the game during your online lessons via screen-share or on a virtual whiteboard, using a projector or interactive whiteboard in your classroom, using your computer screen to display the game cards to your class, or making a limited selection of cards to print in order to limit printing and cutting.


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