Family Time

Talking about family… One of the first things we want our students to do is tell us where their uncle lives and what he does. Does he have a dog? Does he have any children? These activities go deeper and are much more fun – both for your students and you.


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This group of activities allows you to teach, review and master family vocabulary with your A1 and A2 students.

The activities are organized in order of ascending difficulty, the first few of which can be used after only a few hours of lessons. The level required is indicated for each activity.

These activities engage vocabulary for feelings, hobbies, work, household chores, describing people, and expressing opinions and arguments.

From a grammatical point of view, these activities work with: possessive pronouns, questions, comparisons and past simple. There are no grammatical constraints placed on these activities, but the use of the aforementioned structures comes up naturally and are therefore the focus.

Within the 16 page PDF files you will find 6 activities:

Assume the worst – A1

Matchmaker – A1

Grandparents – A1

An ideal family? – A1-A2

What’s important in my family? – A2

My child must… A2

4 reviews for Family Time

  1. looreenaa127 (verified owner)

    Very complete pack! Students practiced family vocabulary but algo vocabulary about housing and housework. I find all the activities really original, but specially the second one

  2. m_flopina (verified owner)

    I like this resource because it’s not only about family vocabulary, but about everyday activities too. Students do not learn the family vocabulary in isolation but in the context of their daily lives.

  3. Lucy1983 (verified owner)

    This resource is great! My students were excited because they had expected typical and boring questions, but the individual activities are fun and very useful. Highly recommend.

  4. dantoniogarcia (verified owner)

    Perfect ! I used it with a group of teenagers and they had fun! It’s an original way to introduce the topic of “the family” with speaking activities.

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