Plan a Television Commercial – ESL Task

Use this interactive PDF to complete your lesson plan with an engaging task-based activity – plan a television commercial!

How to use this activity?

This interactive PDF was designed as a task-based ESL activity you can use during any number of different types of lesson plans. The bulk of the activity deals with describing a spokesperson for an imaginary product – No, the students don’t have to come up with their own product!

The task is meant to take up about 30 minutes of class time with your beginner students. However, you can use it with more advanced students or groups as long as you expect more detail.

Version 1: Page 1. Students work in pairs or groups. Send the PDF to all of your students so they can follow along. Each group should choose a secretary to record their ideas. Each group chooses a product and then follows the questionnaire to determine the look of their spokesperson. After that, they follow the questions at the bottom in order to plan their TV commercial using their spokesperson. At the end, groups present their commercials to the class.

Version 2: Page 2. Students work individually or in pairs. Send everyone a copy of the PDF. Each group chooses a product to sell. Then, they fill out the questionnaire to choose their spokesperson. Each group takes turns describing their spokesperson. After each presentation, the other groups must try to guess which product they are trying to sell by following the prompt at the bottom of page 2. You can give them all some time to write out their answers. Any team to guess the correct product earns a point. The spokesperson receives a point for each correct guess.

Go further

Looking for a way to make this your entire lesson plan? Start off by watching some commercials with well-known spokespeople. After each one, ask the following questions:

  1. What is the product?
  2. Who are they trying to sell this product to?
  3. Why did they choose this spokesperson?

And here are some examples of commercials with spokespeople:


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