Describe the Worker with Be + Adjective + Preposition

Review some adjectives and common phrases with this jobs and work edition of the grammaticards!

How to use this activity?

There are two ways:

  1. Have a student choose a number between 1 and 9. Then, display the activity and have them read the first half of the sentence. Students will have 1 minute (or less, depending on their level) to come up with the second half of the sentence to “finish that thought…” by typing their response into the chat. After 1 minute is up, each student presents their entire sentence to the class. Every grammatically correct sentence gets a point. The “best” sentence (based on a quick vote) gets a bonus point. The student with the best sentence chooses the next card. Play all 9 cards. The student with the most points wins.
  2. Play as a class by giving everyone a time limit to finish all the sentences. Students take turns reading aloud their half of one of the cards. The first student to correctly guess which card it is connected to earns a point. Then, it is their turn to read one of their answers aloud, and so on… Play to a time limit or a certain number of points.

For example: Card 1 – The brilliant businessman is famous for… being rude to journalists / his stance on political issues in his country…


You may be talking about jobs and work to review some vocabulary or help your students practice their speaking skills and introduce themselves, but there is hardly ever a bad time to practice some grammar along the way! This activity is a good complement to your lesson plan and lets your students review some adjectives and common phrases (to be any good at…, to be keen on…, to be tired of…, etc.).

Oh and just like our other Jukeboxes, it can be used online and offline for groups or one-on-one lessons!

Have fun!


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Nicolas Bragard

Nicolas Bragard

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