Present Continuous Pair Activity

This present continuous pair activity is designed to stimulate your students and encourage them to speak and make assumptions about one another.

How to use this activity?

This is a pair activity, but it can also be used for small groups. For online lessons, assign the pairs before beginning the activity, then display the activity.

Students will make 10 assumptions (or as many as they can within a time limit) about their partner(s) by associating the images with the time expressions. These time expressions are commonly used with the present continuous, therefore all assumptions must be written in the present continuous. Once they are ready, students share their assumptions with their partner(s) in breakout rooms. For every correct assumption, students get 1 point. The pair with the most correct assumptions wins! Play again by switching the pairs.

If your students are more advanced, you can ask that they justify their assumptions in a few words.


For example:

I think you are going out tonight with your friends (because you are wearing a fancy dress). / I think you are planning your next holiday right now (because I just saw your story on Instagram and you showed your tickets to Egypt)!


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