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Get Your A1’s to Speak

English vocabulary exercises that double as a conversation tool for your beginner students. Get them talking about 8 different topics, even the shy ones!


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This resource contains 8 unique vocabulary exercises each tackling a different theme.
These activities are designed in the form of conversational mind maps.
They are meant to get your students talking!
Each contains a vocabulary list by theme for your students to discover or review.



Target Language

Each vocabulary exercise tackles a different theme, different vocabulary and different grammatical structures all pertinent to A1 students and A1 textbook chapters.
The themes, vocabulary and grammar found in this pack:
  1. Talk about your tastes (like + because);
  2. Talk about your city (there is/there are/there isn’t a/there aren’t any);
  3. Talk about your profession (modals of obligation);
  4. Talk about your ideal partner (personalities, clothes and physical descriptions);
  5. Talk about your past (simple past);
  6. Talk about your habits (adverbs of frequency);
  7. Talk about your goals (I’d like to/I wouldn’t like to)




  • These vocabulary exercises were designed for A1-A2 students
  • Can also be useful to introduce a topic for more advanced level




  • This is a lifelong tool which means you download it once and use it forever.
  • Be sure to consecrate at least 20 minutes of class time for each conversation exercise.
  • Can be used for up to 60 minutes of class time (or longer!). 



  • A printable PDF with a word list to cut out for each vocabulary exercise;
  • OLINE_VERSION for easy online lessons with ZOOM and/or virtual whiteboard;
  • INTERACTIVE_PDFs also for screen sharing, homework, or individual work for your students!


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