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1, 2, 3… A1 Logic Connectors!

Designed specifically for the online classroom (also useable offline), these 3 posters take your students from discovery to production of logic connectors pertinent to A1-A2 students.


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With these posters, your students will learn grammar in 3 steps:

  1. Poster 1: Discover the structures in context
  2. Poster 2: Practice them with guided activities
  3. Poster 3: Produce them autonomously with a game


The 1, 2, 3… ! line of resources each contain 3 posters to print out, project or screen share to aid your teaching of grammar, vocabulary or functional language. They were first conceived to respond to the needs of online teachers needing simple resources for their new online lessons which do not require any advanced technology or software skills and can be used on any type of digital meeting platform.



Target Language

This resource is meant for the discovery, practice and production of basic logic connectors pertinent to A1-A2 level students.

  • and, but, or, so, that’s why, because, in order to




These posters are designed for A1+ students as the past tense is a prerequisite for some of the activities. By the end of these 3 posters, A1 students should have a firm grasp on the most basic English logic connectors and be able to apply them to novel situations.




  • A 7-page PDF with the 3 posters, a table for students to organize their connectors, and teacher instructions to print or screen-share during your online classes;
  • 3 posters in JPG format to easily copy and paste onto a virtual whiteboard;


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