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Let’s talk about jobs and work

by | Jun 15, 2022


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How to use this activity

Display the poster on the screen and give your students a time limit to generate as many correct phrases as possible by associating the two sentence halves.

My mother worked… as an accountant / on Saturdays / at a factory.

To make it harder, add a constraint such as funny/sad/boring/normal sentences. For every correct sentence, the student earns a point.

You could also ask your students to make long sentences by putting together several of the sentence halves on the right side in a logical order.


Being able to describe your work day is good, but being able to talk about work while reviewing how to create well-structured sentences is even better!

If you are talking about jobs in your ESL classroom, this activity is a good start. Whether you use it as a warm-up, a time-killer, or an end-of-lesson activity to introduce the next class, it’s a good alternative to the usual textbook conversation prompts.

Oh and just like our other Jukeboxes, it can be used online and offline for groups or one-on-one lessons!


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*This activity is based on one of our bigger resources.

Have fun!

Nicolas Bragard

Nicolas Bragard

As a teacher of ESL and French as a foreign language for several years, I have had the opportunity to work in several countries and with a wide variety of students. Now my job got even better: I get to help make your lessons all pretty and fun! Rather cool, I'd say.


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