A Normal Day

“A Normal Day” is a poster game that allows for the revision of everyday activities and basic grammatical constructions in a fun and easy way. The PDF poster can be printed from A4 (a standard sheet of paper available in both full-color and black and white) up to A0 to display in the classroom, a hallway or anywhere your students may see it.


Our ESL posters are simple, elegant and easy to use!

This poster was created and designed to be used in a multitude of contexts:

  • Display it on a wall in the classroom, in the hallway, even the restrooms or anywhere one learns English;

  • For use during lessons both in-person and online;

  • For a student’s individual use or for homework.

On this poster, you will find 50 phrases cut in 2 that your students will reconstruct. The phrases are associated with everyday activities and vocabulary along with a handful of basic grammar structures that your students can mix and match while putting the phrases back together. It is crazy easy to set up and gives you and your students lots of opportunities for fun English learning.


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