My Home: A2-B1
Ian Kime
February 18, 2021

My Home: A2-B1

Another print’n’teach resource (or share’n’teach online) to get your students talking about homes and housing in English.

So, here is a sheet (or JPG) to distribute to your students, preferably during the preceding lesson, to begin a conversation around the theme of the home and housing. Students complete the sheet at home and then discuss the findings together in the following class. The vocabulary surrounding homes and housing can be discovered or reviewed before or during the activity (vocabulary is better retained within a context).


This activity approaches the vocabulary from a personal context, getting students to talk about themselves, which generally makes speaking easier for students. We want them to repeat the vocabulary in a multitude of contexts for maximum retention!


And, as a bonus, there is a conversational mind map for your students to complete in order to review the vocabulary. Personally, I distribute this to students the class beforehand (along with the first page) and pool the ideas together as a class the following lesson. This gives me a chance to see what vocabulary seems to be missing.


Ian Kime

Ian Kime

I have been teaching English abroad since receiving my CELTA certificate in Poland in 2018. I enjoy tracking my individual students’ development but love having lessons with big groups! Now that I teach online, I am accompanied by my sidekicks Olaf, Mała, Pirate and Bandit on a regular basis.


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