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Introduce yourself: What’s on your CV?

by | Jun 22, 2022


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How to use this activity

Students can play individually, in pairs or as a group. The point of the game is to associate the words in red with the words in blue to generate a mini CV or cover letter to be prepared for a job interview.

For example:

I’m bad at… working with computers and I’m not… tech-savvy, but I like… working with my hands and being outside.

Feel free to let students associate the halves for themselves freely or give a constraint such as “Create a CV for someone who wants to be a programmer/journalist/teacher, etc…”

If students create their own CV’s, you can have the other students act as recruiters who will then tell them which jobs they are qualified for or not. If they create somebody else’s CV, they can try and make the others guess what job that person is applying for.



We like this activity as it is not just a game for students to interact during the class:  they can also use the sentences they created when they actually start making their own CVs or writing their cover letters in English before a job interview. The idea is very simple but they also get to learn or review useful phrases to talk about the skills required for most of the jobs currently out there or to introduce themselves in more detail.

And just like our other Jukeboxes, it can be used online and offline for groups or one-on-one lessons!


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*This activity is based on one of our bigger resources.

Have fun!

Nicolas Bragard

Nicolas Bragard

As a teacher of ESL and French as a foreign language for several years, I have had the opportunity to work in several countries and with a wide variety of students. Now my job got even better: I get to help make your lessons all pretty and fun! Rather cool, I'd say.


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