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If you’re not familiar with the Zappli, you can check out our first post on how to use it here >> This is just another small example of how you could use it with your students to discover, practice or review verbs, structures and expressions for cause and effect. You will need:

  1. Grammaticards: Cause and Effect resource from ESL Expertz;
  2. The Zappli application.

There are two options for organizing your images beforehand.

  1. Know where they are located on your computer (it cannot be in the cloud).
  2. Copy and paste the entire folder of images onto your desktop for easy access.

Once your images are loaded up, you can decide what type of activity you want to play with your students. Here are a few ideas, but use your imagination!


Display one image at a time. Give your students 60 seconds to come up with as many responses as possible. Then, students take turns presenting their responses. Give a point for each response if it is either A) GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT or B) ORIGINAL. It is up to you to decide which one! (or both?).


Display a number of cards, noting that the more cards displayed, the harder the challenge. Give your students 30 seconds to respond to their favorite card. Then, students will each read their response aloud to the class. The first student to correctly choose the beginning of the phrase from the cards you displayed wins a point.

Short Stories

Display a number of cards on the screen. Divide students into the same number of groups as there are cards displayed. Nominate a card for each group which they will use to write a short story (just a few sentences). Give groups some time to complete this task. Then let everyone present.

Rapid Fire

Display 9 cards and set the click setting to “replace”. As soon as a student has an idea for a full sentences, they can blurt it out! if it is grammatically correct, they get a point and you replace the card with a new one. If not grammatically correct, help them fix it before replacing the card anyway.


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