Use “Well, Say Something!” online
Written by Ian Kime
Since Covid-19 hit, do you know what I've really missed? Teeny tiny pieces of paper... They used to be everywhere! In cups, wrapped by rubber bands, in plastic baggies, tucked into textbooks and paperclips. Kinetic learning was my favorite method. ESL Expertz has created many of its resources to work in much the same way as those bits of paper. Learn our best method for using "Well, Say Something!" in your online lessons here!

This tutorial will show you how to use Well, Say Something! in your online lessons in nearly the exact same way as in-person. When I was forced to begin online lessons due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I missed the kinetic experience of games and activities in the classroom. However, with the virtual version of this resource, you can regain some of that kinetic experience with online learning platforms such as Learncube. Here’s how!

Watch the video

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Step 1: Download the resource here and find the “VIRTUAL CARDS” folder.


Here you will find 3 folders with all the necessary images for an online lesson: constraints, game board, and phrases. 

Step 2: Create a new Learncube classroom. If you are unfamiliar with Learncube, you can learn more at 


Step 3: Set up your browser window and documents window so you can see both at the same time and they are not overlapping. 


Step 4: Open the “game board” folder and then click on the “game board vertical” image. Press Command+C (or Ctrl+C on PC) to copy the image.  


Step 5: Click on your Learncube whiteboard. Then, press Command+V (or Ctrl+V) to paste the image onto your whiteboard. 

Step 6: Open the “constraints” folder. Click on a constraint, and then press Command+C (or Ctrl+C on a PC) to copy it. 


Step 7: Click on the whiteboard. Then press Command+V (or Ctrl+V on a PC) to paste the constraint onto your whiteboard. Repeat this copy and paste process with the next constraint. 
Choose as many or as few constraints as you want.

Step 8: Click on the game board on your Learncube whiteboard. Resize it by matching up the constraints you added with the box labeled “constraints” on the game board. Then, center the game board neatly underneath your constrain pile. 

Step 9: Open the “phrases” folder and copy and paste the phrases onto the whiteboard the same way as the constraints. Again, choose as many or as few as you would like. 

Step 10: Drag all the phrases to the box labelled “phrases.”

You now have your pile of phrases and your pile of constraints. You are ready to play! Once you have used up a card, select it and then go to your tools in the bottom left corner of the whiteboard and choose “Remove Selected Object.” This will remove the card from the game. 

This activity is simple, fun, and easy to set up for your online classes. Impress your students and let them impress you with their fun and clever responses. 

Happy teaching!

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