Let’s Talk About School

Knowing a lot of vocabulary is great, but using it is even better! Our VOCABTIVATE series offers you different speaking, writing, and task-based activities for various sets of vocabulary. Every VOCABTIVATE activity pack comes with 4 activities and a vocabulary list. Let’s talk about school offers a means to discover and review vocabulary related to school and education. Activate your students vocabulary with our VOCABTIVATE activities!


In this 10-page teaching resource, there are 4 great activities to get your students talking about school and education. Our activities in this pack are geared towards A2 level students but can be adapted for higher-level students or introductions to discussion courses.

Teacher's pet: Take a trip down memory lane with your students and their time in grade school and high school. What kind of students were they? Did they get in trouble a lot or were they the teacher's pet? Find out together while discovering and reviewing useful vocabulary.

Shattering clichés: Practice writing and review expressions of opinions while opening up debates and discussions in the classroom. Which of these clichés can your students shatter? Which do they think are true?

Adulting boot camp: This task-based activity gets students to organize an adulting boot camp for highschoolers. Group work gets your students talking and the activity guides them along.

Homeschooled: Another task-based activity that involves critical thinking and reading comprehension. Organize a homeschool curriculum in small groups or as a class for imaginary families.

3 reviews for Let's Talk About School

  1. Lucy1983 (verified owner)

    Excellent, ready-to-use material with very useful expressions and fun activities.

  2. delwoda (verified owner)

    Great resource! I use it with my private students as well as groups. It’s a great way to practice oral expression, but also writing skills.

  3. looreenaa127 (verified owner)

    Very useful resource! It deals with interesting and current issues related to school and it provides communicative activities

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