Get Your A2’s to Speak

Get those students talking today! Like our previous “Get Your A1’s to Speak” this bundle of conversational mind maps guides your students through 5 themes normally discussed at the A2 level. Inside this PDF resource, you will also find several ways to use these activities with your class.


This PDF resource is all about giving your students the lexical support to construct simple phrases and express themselves clearly.

Each mind map is designed specifically to guide your students through a specific lexical field. 

Each mind map is a cross between a conversation tool and a vocabulary list. This downloadable PDF resource comes with 5 mind maps that are in line with the themes introduced in most A2 textbooks so that you can easily slip them into your lesson plans to talk about:

  • your ideal job,
  • family gatherings,
  • vacations and tourism,
  • living in a capital city,
  • health and wellness.


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