Get Your A1’s to Speak!

A ready-to-use, print-cut-and-go PDF resource specially designed to get your A1’s talking about more than just ordering at a restaurant or what their sister’s husband does for a living.



This resource contains 8 unique conversational mind maps each tackling a different set of vocabulary, theme, and grammatical structure. While geared towards beginners, it can also be used for more advanced students as a warm-up or introduction to a discussion course.

This PDF resource is all about giving your students the lexical support to construct simple phrases and express themselves. The .jpg images found in the "virtual version" can be used with online learning or whiteboard platforms such as Learncube, Google Jamboard, or any other online whiteboard. They can also be used with a simple screen share on platforms such as Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts.

Each mind map is designed specifically to guide your students through grammatical structures and vocabulary such as: because, going to, definite and indefinite articles, personality adjectives, past simple, have to, daily activities, etc. This resource can be used to discover, develop, and integrate these structures and vocabulary.

Each mind map is a cross between a conversation tool, vocabulary list, and grammar activity. This downloadable PDF resource comes with 8 mind maps that are in line with the themes introduced in most A1 textbooks so that you can easily slip them into your lesson plans to:

- talk about your tastes (useable even after only a few hours of English learning)

- talk about your town (also helpful for practicing the difference between definite and indefinite articles)

- talk about your profession

- talk about your ideal partner (vocabulary of personalities, clothes and physical descriptions)

- talk about your past (simple past and biographical vocabulary)

- talk about everyday activities along with good and bad habits (adverbs of frequency)

- talk about your dreams and aspirations

9 reviews for Get Your A1's to Speak!

  1. Victor Gaytán (verified owner)

    I really like this ressource. I really love the way how students learn to build their own sentences and how they start to talk about themselves.
    Mindmaps are a powerful tool and help students to think directly in English. A ressource highly recommended.

  2. Marie berard (verified owner)

    The students love it! They can learn vocabulary and speak in a very short time. Thanks a lot!

  3. looreenaa127 (verified owner)

    Visual material that offers useful prompts to help struggling young learners to speak!

  4. lambert.annelise74 (verified owner)

    Such a good resource to help your students talk on 8 different themes for A1 and even A2. It really works well! I love what Les Zexperts have been doing with FLE, I am so excited that they also do it for ESL now! I can’t wait to discover the next resources. Thank you for your great work !

  5. mona.rochon (verified owner)

    I have used this resource many times while teaching my esl students. It is easy to use. The vocabulary is accessible and the conversational prompts are easy to use even by beginners. Perfect for online teaching!

  6. dantoniogarcia (verified owner)

    It’s a perfect resource for online lessons ! Sometimes it’s not easy to prepare a speaking activity with A1 students. These mind maps are simple and the vocabulary cards are a perfect support to learn ! Highly recommended!

  7. ondrova.lucka (verified owner)

    That’s one of the best resources I have ever used. It’s easy to use and very popular with my students. I appreciate the virtual version because I can use it immediately in my online classes as well. Highly recommend!

  8. florina.bpaillot

    Wooow, I really like this ressource, I used it in my french classes before and now I am using these mind maps in my english classes. Really useful and funny. Thanks for your amazing ressources, you are so helpfull 🙂

  9. makrayushkina (verified owner)

    This resource is my magic wand!!! I use it for online&offline lessons. Mindmap “I like/I don’t like” I use as an icebreaker. Moreover, this resource helps my A1’s to speak at the very first lesson. I’m impressed! Themes are very simple and vocabulary cards are easy to learn and understand.

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