Let’s Talk About Daily Routines

English vocabulary for daily routines, habits and household chores.

Vocabulary is great but using it is even better! Inside this resource, you will find 5 original activities to teach and master the English vocabulary of daily routines and household chores for your A1/A2 students.


VOCABTIVATE A1/A2: daily routines is a collection of 5 activities focused on English vocabulary for daily routines, household chores and the days and times of the week. Let our activities save you time and energy while engaging your students with tasks and challenges you won't find anywhere else. Get rid of your fill-in-the-blank worksheets and get your students speaking English and learning vocabulary with real-world scenarios in a way that makes sure it sticks.

The VOCABTIVATE resources are bundles of activities whose
tasks are varied, aesthetic, motivating and ready-to-use.
All you have to do is print and cut out the sheets,
hand them out to your students
…and it’s game on for up to two hours of class time!

Each activity:

  • comes with step-by-step instructions for the teacher on how to use them;
  • highlights the theme in an original way;
  • creates opportunities for cooperation and interaction;
  • allows you to practice the vocabulary in both written and spoken form;
  • can be used independently, together, or in addition to your own lesson plans;
  • can be used with the vocabulary list found in the downloadable PDF.


Our VOCABTIVATE series are perfect tools for:

  • replacing a lesson plan;
  • reviewing vocabulary;
  • the free practice portion of a CELTA lesson plan;
  • getting students to use their existing knowledge in conversation.


The activities:

  • How often do you... - Students interview one another and practice their adverbs of frequency while looking for a classmate with a similar routine.
  • Would you rather... - Introduce, review and practice the English structure "I'd rather" with your students and get them to justify their choices.
  • Hectic schedule - A busy family needs your students' help to make their daily schedule by fulfilling their obligations and playing to their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Break up the routine - Someone is stuck in a rut and it's up to your students to liven up their week with themed days and interesting activities.
  • What do you do all day? - Students create questionnaires, interview one another and give advice.


Check out our other Vocabtivate resources to activate your students' vocabulary for housing and school. For any of your FLE lovers, check out the original French version here.



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