Second Conditional Jukebox

Our huge resources have been shrunk and organized to give you easy-to-use and quick-playing activities for a specific grammar point, theme or functional language. Our Jukeboxes are refreshing alternatives for your ESL classroom online or offline.


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Jukeboxes are packs of mini activities based on our larger teaching resources which typically span multiple ESL objectives and themes. These mini activities are organized by teaching objectives to streamline the teaching process and make choosing the right activity fun and manageable. Each pack consists of 10 different activities all focused on a particular grammar point, theme or functional language. This Jukebox is for practicing and deepening your students’ understanding of the second conditional.

Use these activities as warm-ups, reviews, guided practice, free practice, end-of-lesson activities, time-killers, in-betweeners etc. They work well for groups as well as one-on-one lessons. They are not meant as a lesson on their own but are excellent companions of and alternatives to textbook activities and the like. Pick and choose one or more flavors that fit your needs or play them all one at a time.



Target Language

All the mini activities included in this Jukebox revolve around the second conditional and its various uses.



These activities are designed for A2/B1 students but can easily be used as warm-ups, in-betweeners, or free practice activities for more advanced students.



The Second Conditional Jukebox contains activities based on the following resources:

  • Me Neither! – practice short answers in a truth or lie game;
  • Zimasheets – make assumptions about what your partner might do;
  • Grammino – make connections;
  • The Question Game – practice making second conditional questions;
  • What would they do? – What would these people do in the following situations?
  • The Pronoun Game – find replacements for the pronouns;
  • 1, 2, 3, …! – an online-friendly board game to use the second conditional;
  • Clear Conscience – use the second conditional to give advice about various topics;
  • Game of Objects – What would you do if you didn’t have this…?
  • The Biography Game – what kind of president would they be?

Follow the instructions provided or come up with your own ideas on the fly!



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