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100 conversation starters

100 cards, 100 “quick” conversation starters you can use to cap off a few extra minutes of your lesson or simply stimulate your students’ speaking abilities. These cards can be used with A2 and up learners.


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This tool is composed of 100 cards to print and cut out (or use the JPGs for online lessons).

Each card presents a theme and a statement to comment on. The statement is there to start a mini-debate amongst your students for a few minutes over a precise subject corresponding to the indicated theme.

The 100 cards are organized into 25 themes.

You can use these cards in a variety of different ways:

  • fill a gap of 5-10 minutes in a lesson plan;
  • get those “English” engines revving by warming up with a little debate at the beginning of a lesson;
  • throw in a “conversation” pause between 2 more academic or dry activities such as grammar or vocabulary exercises;
  • change the subject, by that we mean leave the textbook behind for a few minutes to talk about something different;
  • increase the speaking time your students have during a lesson where there is not much opportunity/desire to speak.




Cards can be used for many different levels, just be sure to check the card before you use it!



  • a 10-page PDF with teacher instructions and all 100 conversation starter cards to be printed and cut out;
  • VIRTUAL VERSION folder containing all the conversation starters in separate .jpg files. You could use these images during an online course, project them in your classroom, display them on a smartboard or even just your computer screen, or simply select the cards you want to print, thus saving paper and ink, etc.


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