English with my kids, week 4
Benoit Villette
March 22, 2021

English with my kids, week 4

It’s already the fourth week of this. How did we get here? What will become of us? Read the whole story here…

Week 4: March 8

Day 1:

It is actually the first time since we started that we managed to learn some English on a Monday. Looking good 🙂

Remember we started a sketchnote on Friday?

This is what we got (with the usual stuff that I wrote while talking with K). Mainly verb practice. I also tried to put some comparatives in there, but I was not very successful. I need to prepare myself for that (and check the actual grammar, because I am not an ESL teacher, and I sometimes feel it).

Anyway, that’s it for today.

Day 2:

Today I wanted to do something with comparatives, so I used this resource:


This didn’t go too well for two reasons:

  • this resource is great for adults, but not so great for kids: too much information and K. likes to understand everything (which is not necessary in this case)
  • just before the lesson, we had a phone call frm a friend to tell us he has Covid-19. My kids were in contact with him two days before, which means we have 10 days of quarantine. Therefore, I wasn’t very patient with K. and the lesson quickly stopped.


Day 3 and 4:

Quarantine means we had to move to our friend’s house which he is lending us for a short while. It means we have to pack and go, avoiding all kind of contact with anyone. (Legally speaking, only my boys are on quarantine, but anyway).

No english today apart from a few words in English while cooking dinner.


Day 5:

Today we used the Me neither! Poster. The idea is fairly basic: K. has to find sentences she understands, then say if it applies to her as well.


We had a very good 20 minutes of learning because this poster requires K. to understand the difference between present simple and present continuous to be able to answer properly. So basically, we could practice once more what we have been practicing since the beginning.

Finding different ways of practicing the same stuff really is the core of our job as teachers.

The second very nice thing today: I realised there is a white board in this house. I hadn’t written on a white board for too long, really. Oh God I love it. (But, and that will probably be forever: I never properly organize content on my board, as you can see here :).

See you next week!


Benoit Villette

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