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Online Friendly ESL Discussion Worksheet: Procrastination
Mathilde Poirier
November 28, 2022

Today we’ve got a great topic of discussion for your intermediate and upper-intermediate ESL students. You’ll watch a TedEx video to get the conversation started, learn about why we tend to put off things and discuss about procrastination.

Use this ESL Discussion Worksheet on procrastination however you’d like, but here’s what we recommend:

  1. Warm-up question: What types of tasks do you procrastinate? What do you do when you procrastinate? How do you feel when you procrastinate?
  2. Watch the video once: Ask your students to tell you what they understood about the topic. The link to the video is also on the PDF.
  3. Vocabulary: Check out the vocabulary on the PDF and answer any questions.
  4. Watch the video again: Answer the questions on the PDF in pairs.
  5. Speaking Activity: Put students in pairs to complete the speaking activity – directions on the PDF.
  6. If you’ve still got time left over, put your students in new pairs or small groups and discuss the “group activity”.

The video:

discussion worksheet procrastination tta


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We hope you enjoy using this ESL discussion worksheet!


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Mathilde Poirier

Mathilde Poirier

I am an online french teacher for foreigners and I have been teaching abroad since 2013 and I am currently living in New Zealand. I enjoy creating fun activities to help my students improve and reflect on some topics. I also work on the french version of this website.


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