Present Simple

With this selection of activities, you will be able to help your ESL students to learn and practice present simple from A1 to higher level, online or offline!

Good Weekend / Bad Weekend:

Good Weekend / Bad Weekend:

A good weekend for me means sleeping in late (but not past 9), going to a coffee shop for a cappuccino, walking the dogs, eating cheeseburgers and going out for a beer before the sun goes down. A bad weekend usually starts with my neighbors waking me up because they are just now going to bed (at 6 A.M.), my dog getting sick because he ate something stupid the day before, it’s raining, so my original plans are cancelled, and somehow there’s no money left in my bank account…

A word from The Z Team.

These activities, resources and lesson plans are here to help you come prepared and teach better. We hope you and your students enjoy 🙂

Happy Teaching!